Good design is built on good data

We know that you need accurate and reliable data on which to base your design. Incorrect site assumptions may result in design flaws and cause delays and issues with neighbours and councils.

Valley Surveying Company can provide you with accurate boundary and levels data by a Licensed Cadastral Surveyor to ensure a smooth running project – on time and on budget.

Contact us if you need:

  • a site or topographical survey: a flawed design can hold up work on site
  • a sunlight access plane survey: avoid disputes, additional costs and delays
  • boundary pegging, marking or redefinition: over-running a boundary can be disastrous
  • building setout: avoid nasty surprises
  • Landonline searching: search data and get advice on legal issues and complexities

Expert surveying services across the greater Wellington region

Valley Surveying Company has developed a strong reputation for delivering high quality, cost effective land surveying, land development, engineering, planning and resource management solutions.

  • We bring our expertise and local knowledge to every project
  • We are approachable and we always make time to listen
  • We guarantee our price estimates on jobs under $5,000