“Measure Twice, Cut Once”

Building a house, garage or even a fence and then finding out it’s in the wrong place is going to be a costly fix. Why take the risk? Valley Surveying ensures your construction is set out in the right place, and can provide you with a Setout or Siting Certificate. This ensures compliance with current building consent requirements. 

Services we can provide include:

  • Boundary Marking – Ensure the section is correctly defined before you start building, so you don’t get too close, or worse, over the boundaries.
  • Setout and Certification – Valley Surveying will do a Setout survey of the actual house or pile positions. Don’t mess about with profiles and string lines on a steep site, or trying to offset from boundary pegs over fences.

Expert surveying services across the greater Wellington region

Valley Surveying Company has developed a strong reputation for delivering high quality, cost effective land surveying, land development, engineering, planning and resource management solutions.

  • We bring our expertise and local knowledge to every project
  • We are approachable and we always make time to listen
  • We guarantee our price estimates on jobs under $5,000