Protect your client’s biggest asset

Acting in your client’s best interest is key component of the work you do.

Buying, selling and managing property involves handling high-value assets that need careful attention. Titles, boundaries, easements, covenants and Council regulations for subdividing all need to be carefully considered and checked off to ensure your clients’ interests are protected.

Valley Surveying Company makes sure you have accurate data so you can advise your clients with confidence.

Before you can fully evaluate and act, a Surveyor is best placed to determine the facts. Accurate details presented clearly are our objective. We obtain and simplify the information you need to achieve the best outcomes for your clients.

Property Purchase

  • Pre-Purchase Survey/Report: Verify that the fences are on the boundary and there are no building encroachments.
  • Subdivision, Development and Title changes
  • Boundary Adjustment Subdivision: To resolve encroachment issues.
  • Subdivisions: We are experienced in dealing with the complications of subdivision and work with you to resolve any legal issues.
  • Upgrading to a “Guaranteed Title”
  • Crosslease Conversions or Crosslease Upgrades: Convert crosslease to freehold or correct the title to reflect what is actually there.
  • Removal of Limitations Surveys
  • Easement/Covenant Surveys

“We will never use another surveyor. Our results included everything we wanted a bunch of things we never knew we would get.”

Pete Irvine & Karen Harvey
Engineer / Homeowner

“They are always quick to come up to speed and assess what is required with each job and will often suggest other options and cost effective solutions.”

Robyn Karam
Lawyer, Macalister Mazengarb

“They can drop things at a moment’s notice to sort issues with Council, and is very helpful on fitting things in when I have an urgent job.”

Kim Baldwin
Architect, Valley Architectural

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